Configure Vuze with SOCKS5 proxy

This tutorial describes the steps to configure a SOCKS5 proxy connection with Vuze Please note: SOCKS5 is a proxy and will not encrypt your traffic. Its sole purpose is to ensure confidentiality when using torrent clients, without exposing your real IP. In most cases, the proxy is faster than a VPN connection.

To configure a SOCKS5 proxy connection with Vuze:

1. Open Vuze 2. Click Tools> Options> Mode 3. Select Advanced Mode configuration de socks5 proxy pour vuze 4. Select Connection > Proxy options 5. Check the options as shown in the image:

  • host: one of our SOCKS5 :


  • Port: 1080
  • Username: your username for the VPN
  • Password: your password for the VPN (please note that your VPN / SOCKS5 credentials are different from the credentials for the client area and you can always see them in the client area > services > click on the active VPN service)

configurer monvpn en socks5 proxy sur vuze torrents 6. Click on Test SOCKS to check if it works testez socks5 pour vuze 7. Click Save and restart Vuze. SOCKS5 proxy is configured.

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