Install monVPN Connect on Mac OS ( OLD )

In order to take full advantage of all the advanced features of our VPN service we recommend using our monVPN Connect connection software for Mac Os X. – Download the file HERE , run it and drag to Applications. install monVPN Connect for Mac OS – Launch monVPN Connect from Applications and use your credentials (1, 2). Please note credentials are case-sensitive. You can view your credentials for the VPN in the Customer Area > Services > View Details. You have the possibility to save your credentials (3). Click Login (4). install monVPN Connect 2 – Click Connect to connect to the best location available chosen automatically by the software or click Settings to access the advanced settings: Install monVPN Connect for Mac OS 3 1. Choose Encryption: RSA 4096-bit (available on all servers) or the more advanced RSA + TOR and RSA + XOR. If you are in country with enhanced censorship use RSA + TOR or RSA + XOR. 2. If you check Fix DNS leak our software will replace your DNS. 3. monVPN Connect gives you the following options: – launch the application automatically, – connect to a VPN server automatically with startup, – reconnect automatically if you disconnect, – automatically connect to the VPN if you are on an unsecured WIFI network, – completely cut the connection if the VPN disconnects – KillSwitch 4. After choosing the desired options, click on the monVPN logo install monVPN Connect for Mac OS 4 – To connect, choose TCP or UDP (1), choose the server / country you want to connect to (2) and click Connect (3). install monVPN Connect for Mac OS 5 – In the server list you can also see ping (1) and load (2) for each VPN server install monVPN Connect for Mac OS 6 – Once connected monVPN Connect shows you your old IP (1) and your new IP (2). To disconnect, click Cancel (3). To jump to another VPN server click on Jump (4). install monVPN Connect for Mac OS 7

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