VPN connection in China

How to install VPN V2 client for China

For Windows x64 download the file HERE.

For Windows x32 download the file HERE

Warning: Install V2 in a folder that does not contain spaces in the name (not in Program Files for example).

It is possible that Windows Defender gives a false alert, please authorize the opening.

For Mac OS download the file HERE.

How to use V2 to have a VPN connection in China

Launch V2 and login with your credentials for the client area.

(1) and (2): Click on Global Mode or PAC Mode * next to the server you want to use to connect.

(3) : To disconnect.

(4) : OPTIONAL – To add sites to the PAC list.


* PAC Mode means that the configuration file automatically defines how web browsers and other agents can open a given URL. Only the connection to the URL’s in the list would go through the VPN, the other URL’s will be accessed directly, so no slowdown of the connection. You can add URL’s in the list at your choice.

If you choose Global Mode the connection to all the URL’s would go through the VPN.



For Android install monVPN V2 from Google Play or if you don’t have access to Google Play download HERE.
Login with your credentials for the client area.

installation monvpn V2 Android

Select a server from the list and click on the blue padlock to connect.

monVPN V2 installation android

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