A VPN solution for watching Belgian TV online

Accessing Belgian TV channels is still a huge challenge for many Internet users, however there is a simple, affordable solution – use a VPN. With our service, users can have a Belgian IP address wherever they are located, and access the Internet as if they were in Belgium.

The best content from Belgian TV channels isn’t normally accessible outside of Belgium

Most Belgian TV channels offer their programmes live and on playback on the Internet, but they are always blocked If you are outside of Belgium. RTBF and RTL TVI are among the most popular channels.

The only problem with these channels is that most of them use geographical screening. Basically only Belgian residents can access their content. However, if you live abroad and want to access Belgian TV live, our VPN will enable you to bypass the block.

Unlock Belgian TV channels with monVPN

Use monVPN to access Belgian content online that you can’t usually access from abroad. Our service will change your original IP address to a Belgian IP address by connecting you to our VPN servers located in Belgium. monVPN is a VPN service that’s easy to install and use.


RTL Belgique streaming par VPN
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Some sites require you to create an account to watch their programmes.

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