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Unlock tv channels from Denmark on streaming with monVPN

A VPN solution for watching Danish TV online

How to watch Danish TV channels online while traveling abroad? Whether you’re a Danish expat living abroad, or someone who’s looking for ways to learn the Danish language, using VPN grant you access to many geo-blocked Danish TV channels. With this service, users can access a Danish IP address wherever they are located and browse the Internet as if they were in Denmark.

How to unblock Danish TV channels abroad

There are currently many online streaming TV channels Danish citizens can use to watch their favorite TV shows online. Among the most popular channels with the most interesting programmes are DR TV, TV2 Play, C More, YouSee, ViaPlay, HBO Nordic, etc.
The only problem is that these channels are only accessible online if you have a Danish IP address due to geo-restrictions. They use your IP address to determine your location. Your current IP address will give you an error message. To bypass this problem you need to use a VPN service like monVPN.

Watch Danish television abroad in 4 simple steps:

1. Subscribe on monVPN.
2. Install the connection tool.
3. Connect to our servers in Denmark.
4. Visit the sites or install the channel’s applications.

How to watch DR-TV outside Denmark

What is DR TV? DR TV is the most popular Danish broadcaster. It provides a ton of variety of online programs for free. Streaming DR TV is now possible through a Virtual Private Network. How does it work? A VPN service stands for Virtual Private network. It works by redirecting the user’s internet traffic. Everybody on the outside of this network sees the traffic coming from a different country to the user’s origin country. No website or online streaming service would know your real country of origin.

Use monVPN to access Danish content online that cant be accessed from abroad. Our VPN service will change your current IP address to a Danish IP address by connecting you to one of our VPN servers located in Denmark. With your new IP address provided by monVPN, you’ll be able to watch DR TV abroad, but also grant you access to many other Danish geo-blocked channels. monVPN is a VPN service that’s very easy to install and use.

Danish TV channels live and replay:

Some sites require you to create an account to watch their programmes.

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