A VPN solution for watching Spanish TV online

Are you interested in Spain and want to know what’s happening in the news there every day? Then get online and watch the different programmes on offer from several Spanish TV channels. Sadly if you live outside of Spain, you’ll struggle to access these channels as they are generally only accessible to those who are located in Spanish territories. Not to worry, there is an excellent solution available: use a VPN.

Spanish TV and geographical screening

Spain has several channels that broadcast their programmes free to non subscribers, including Antena 3, LaSexta, TeleCinco, Quatro, RTVE, Barcelona TV, Telemadrid TV and more. Unfortunately Spanish TV channels use what we call geographical screening: this means that people using the internet in Spain and other authorised places can access the programmes on offer online.
When you connect to the Internet to watch these programmes your location is established by your IP address. The website will recognise if the IP address is not authorised to access its content and you won’t be able to watch your favourite programmes.

Use a VPN to access Spanish TV channels

A VPN is an easy to use piece of software that will enable you to access all web content, so all Spanish channels that have programmes available online. Clarification: you connect to the Internet using a VPN which is a secure tunnel. This software guarantees your online security and also enables you to access any content on the Internet. A VPN gives you different IP addresses and hides the real one. Making it difficult for Spanish channels to know exactly where you are connecting from to access their websites. The VPN is authorised to access Spanish channels as it could be a Spanish IP or an IP in another location which is not subject to geographical screening.
The sites you connect to will not be able to work out that address located is not your real IP address. So you’ll be free to access Spanish channels easily in just a few clicks. Plus the connection is completely anonymous as they won’t be able to tell exactly where you are connecting from. For example, you’re in France but you are using a Spanish IP: it’s exactly as if you are really on Spanish soil.


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Some services require you to create a free account.

For iOS and Android download Mitele, RTVE and Atresplayer, TV3 CAT.

Please note: you must be connected to the server in Spain before downloading and installing the apps.

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